Intermediate-Frequency Inverse Dc Spot Welding Machine For Slide Rail Guide

Thông tin cơ bản
Nguồn gốc: Trung Quốc
Hàng hiệu: PDKJ
Chứng nhận: ISO CE SGS
Số mô hình: DTB-80
Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 đơn vị
Giá bán: USD 8500-12500
chi tiết đóng gói: Hộp gỗ hoặc hộp sắt
Thời gian giao hàng: 7-25 ngày
Điều khoản thanh toán: L / C, T / T
Khả năng cung cấp: 100 BỘ mỗi ​​tháng
Thông tin chi tiết
Kiểu hàn: Phương phap han băng điện trở Sử dụng: Hàn điểm; hàn chiếu
Mô hình điều khiển: Điều khiển PLC Các ngành áp dụng: <i>Building Material;</i> <b>Vật liệu xây dựng;</b> <i>Machinery Repair;</i> <b>Sửa chữa máy móc;</b
Dịch vụ sau bán hàng: <i>Field installation;</i> <b>Cài đặt hiện trường;</b> <i>Site Commissioning and training</i> <b>Vận Độ dày hàn: &lt;2 mm

Mô tả sản phẩm

Medium Frequency DC Welding Machine , Spot Welding Machine projection welding machine with CE/CCC/ISO certificate
Product highlights: energy saving, power saving, high efficiency, low operating cost, high welding quality.
Product overview: the Medium frequency inverter DC spot ( projection ) welding machine converts the power frequency (50 Hz) AC to the intermediate frequency (1000 Hz) DC output, the time resolution is higher than the power frequency, the control accuracy is also improved, and the output current is not affected by the secondary output circuit change, the thermal efficiency is higher, the output power is great, and the welding quality is better. Compared with the traditional power frequency welding machine, inverse medium frequency DC welding will be highly efficient and energy-saving, which is a technological revolution breakthrough in the field of resistance welding.

 Welding material: aluminum/aluminum alloy
Material thickness: < 2mm
Related product name: spot welder
Industry: Furniture and kitchenware manufacturing industry
Process recommendation: spot welding



parameter DTB-80
Rated capacity 80KVA
Input power three φ 380V
Maximum short circuit current 25KA
Load duration 20%
Maximum pressure 6000N
Electrode stroke 60mm
Cooling water flow 12L/min
Welding capacity / aluminum plate 2.0+2.0mm
Welding capacity / carbon steel 2.5+2.5mm
Arm extension size five hundred × 250mm
Electrode arm size ¢59 × 173mm
Electrode holder size ¢24.6 × 180 mm
Electrode head size ¢16 × 50 mm
weight 350kg
Overall dimension 1100×700×1730mm

Intermediate-Frequency Inverse Dc Spot Welding Machine For Slide Rail Guide 0Intermediate-Frequency Inverse Dc Spot Welding Machine For Slide Rail Guide 1Intermediate-Frequency Inverse Dc Spot Welding Machine For Slide Rail Guide 2

1. Improve the power factor, reduce the production cost.

2. Reduce interference in secondary circuit which is in the large open area: the welding current is direct current. When there is induction or magnetic material in secondary winding, the welding will not be affected.

3. To make the power supply unit load balance: MF inverter projection welder adopts the three-phase sources which can store energy.

4. More adaptable to the fluctuation of power grid and voltage drop: a part of the energy has been stored by inverter and been supplied to load. It replaces the way of power supply to load directly from the power grid.

5. More precise and fast control of current: Compare with low frequency system, it is able to analyze more parameters in a more precise way.

6. More reliable process: For most of the applied resistance welding metals, to use DC to weld will help to achieve better effect.

7. The technology of MF system is more traditional and reliable which can prevent the damage results from the breakdown of silicon controlled.

8. Reduce operation cost, including saving the energy of each spot welding and reducing the cycle of welding.
Especially suitable for aluminum, copper, galvanized sheet, carbon steel, nickel, tungsten and other metal materials and high temperature enameled wire, flexible connection, inductance coil welding. It is widely used in the welding of metal products in the fields of automobile and auto parts manufacturing, new energy power battery, photoelectric communication, electric light source, compressor, hardware, furniture, kitchenware, etc. The product has passed the patent certification of China Intellectual Property Office, China CCC certification and export CE certification


Intermediate-Frequency Inverse Dc Spot Welding Machine For Slide Rail Guide 3
1. When can you arrange shipment?
We usually arrange shipment within 15 days after getting deposit, but customized machines should be more than 25 days. We always ship by air and sea in the mean time.
2. Do you inspect the finished products?
Yes, Each step of production products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.
3. Are you a factory?
Yes, We are a factory, all machine is made by ourselves and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.
4. How about your transport packing? Is it possible to damage the machine during the transportation?
We have rich experience on international transportation. All the packing are extra thickness carton filling with protective PE foam and waterproof membrane. No damage happened during transportation until now.


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